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at first, i laughed self-consciously, nervously.

second, i got a little upset, because some of us men do try very damn hard to write everything we know about the women in our lives on those blank pages. some of us men actually remember anniversary dates, watch the kids on a 3-day holiday weekend so you can visit friends, change diapers, stop smoking cigars (because you asked), come home from work early, listen to you talk about the stuff of life, take you to your favorite seafood restaurant & there’s more that can be written on those pages.

but lastly, i want to apologize to women who have been surrounded by men who don’t even bother to know a woman’s desires & needs. it’s these men that think one falls in love. falling in love is like a tug of war with both the man & woman pulling the rope, making each other fall. in reality, you lean into love the way you lean into each other during a three-legged race. lean into each other, ache, get muddy, sweat, fall down & rise up together. love is messy & requires hard work. but since that’s too much work for some men, please return to your espn, nintendo wii & porn sites, objectify the women in your life as if they don’t hurt & then chuckle nervously at those blank pages – your life is empty.

but i suspect that there are women out there that have a personal story about a specific man (or maybe a couple men) that hurt you. and maybe the book title should read: ‘everthing [insert man’s name here] knows about me.’ & maybe there are women out there who don’t know there are hard working men that want to know everything about you & they want to fill all those blank pages with anniversary dates, lists of favorite things that make you happy, things that drive you crazy, places that make you feel secure, times to listen & talk into the night about the stuff of life & fall asleep shortly before sunrise.

& i think this is the most i’ve written in years…

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