the MAP launch party

good to see fellow tumblrs at the party & discover more tweople as well.

thanks all for advice on which social network sites work for you and why.

GPOYW – recording studio edition (need more acoustic foam for this diy broadcast/recording studio… fyi, with a bootstrap-to-nothing budget, the podcasts have received almost 50,000 downloads)

the south garden (or the pepper & tomato patch) at mid july: 1 hot banana pepper plant & 1 jalapeno plant are still struggling to grow in this shady spot. the 4 bell pepper plants began to blossom. i think … Continue reading

the north garden patch, mid july: though a quarter was destoryed by a very hungry critter, there are still a variety of un harmed plants: 4 pumpkin plants, 4 winter squash plants, 4 zuchini plants, 10 canaloupe plants, 4 cuccumber … Continue reading

something thing attacked the north garden late saturday night, early sunday morning: i’m not sure if it was a raccoon or the groundhog couple that was spotted late last week.

The best of the new crop are making use of both innovative form and linear narrative, producing poems that are at once relevant and accessible—in some cases even popular.

aaron belz for cardus

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RT @mashable HOW TO: Manage Social Media Goals and Expectations

// reading ‘the myth of multitasking.’ eventually i’ll reply to all the fb comments. will now unplug from tweetdeck to get stuff done. #fb

// read this book review & thought again about romanticism’s impact on history, art, science, philosophy… #fb