the north garden patch, mid august: this week, within three days, some sort of blight destroyed all the pumpkin, winter squash, zucchini & cucumber. earlier this week i discovered light gray freckles & assumed i was dealing with a plant mold. one treatment includes a ground cinnamon solution. the next day the pumpkin leaves were completely gray & all the blossoms gone. then we used another organic solution, but that didn’t seem to help either. so this morning i cut all the affected pumpkin leaves & discovered one pumpkin plant with green leaves.

the corn suffered another ravaging. i suspect it is from a raccoon i spotted in late july. only the stalks remain & i plan to cut them down later today.

on a good note, the family has enjoyed zucchini, cucumber & beefsteak tomatoes from the north garden. the zucchini & cucumber plants appear to be concluding their yield while the tomatoes are just coming in to it.

maybe it’s too early to tell, but i think i’ve lost all the pumpkin, winter squash, & zucchini plants. the cantaloupe & cucumber plants don’t seem to be too far behind the pumpkin plants. i really suspect it’s a plant mold due to all the rain this area has had recently. the beefsteak tomato & cherry tomato plants appear fine.

no one said organic gardening would by easy.

previous north garden patch updates: [july] [june] [may]

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