Model for a 21st Century Newsroom. Text and pics via Online Journalism

The model in action:

  1. Alert: ‘Lord Smith: “stop ‘Mickey Mouse’ degrees”‘ – link to…
  2. Draft: gives more detail, and is open to comments and discussion, linking to other blogs. One commenter points out that Lord Smith studied English Literature. Journalist seeks ‘official’ comment to put in the…
  3. Article: two blog post comments incorporated into a version that goes in the printed newspaper.
  4. Context: best links taken from blog post comments, as well as full transcript of speech, audio and some mobile phone video taken by one attendee. Tags (’LordSmith’) used to link to ongoing coverage and provide an instant ‘portal’.
  5. Analysis: one particularly well informed blogger who linked to the Draft post is paid to write a longer piece for the paper. A commenter – an academic – is invited to a podcast discussion with Lord Smith.
  6. Interactivity: website visitors are invited to ‘attempt an essay question’ from a ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree, giving a real first-hand understanding of what is involved in the subject.
  7. Customisation: an RSS feed or email alert is available for any stories tagged ‘LordSmith’

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