The English novel versus the American novel

Which do you prefer, the English novel or the American novel? I’ve been thinking about that after reading some of Ian McEwan’s and Barbara Kingsolver’s books. Maybe it is the difference in the writers and not so much the country from which they live. There is a tone or manner that seems a marked distinction between the two styles. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “The English novel versus the American novel

  1. I read both, but for some reason, I tend to prefer the English sense of humour, their expressions, the mannerisms and the way they act… there’s always a distinct flavour in English novels. =]

  2. I’m pretty much an American novel reader. Most of the English novels I have read have come from my college years. I have a fondness for Austen and Dickens, but Hardy’s Jude the Obscure made me want to slit my wrists. More recent British novels have come from Rowling’s Harry Potter, Fielding’s Bridget Jones, and Jasper Fforde’s Tuesday Next.

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