Black screen or Apple agnostic


How does the expression go, three on a Mac?[1] So, what do you do when the old Macbook Pro’s[2] hard drive fails while you are working on a web site design project? Use the back up machine. That is what a back up laptop is for, right? Until, it no longer is able to function and black screens. Complete disconnection from all client work files and emails.

Thankfully, emails can still be received and sent from the iPhone. Maintaining contact with client is essential. Sure it is a 3G model[3] from late 2008 or early 2009, but it still works. Sort of. Actually, the only applications that work well are Instagram and WordPress. And only when the mobile device stops announcing “No Service” and connects to the network. So, no email contact either. Had to call clients and inform them of technical difficulties, please stand by. They are very understanding and supportive.

No worries. Life is full of challenges. And solutions. Will be happily washing dishes and scrubbing floors in the mean time. And writing stories on scrap paper. Happy New Year.

[1] Reference to an antiquated superstition, “three on a match,” tracing back to World War One:
[2] “MacBook Pro/1.83GHZ and 2.0 GHz” by Jason Snell, Macworld, Feb 25, 2006:
[3] “iPhone 3G announced” by Robert Palmer, Jun 9th 2008:

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