Notes from “World’s Fastest Readings”

A review of the “World’s Fastest Readings” featuring faculty of the Warren Wilson MFA program. Jane has been diligently requesting a review the event. I’ve been telling her to wait because I’m waiting to hear from a very nice, overworked editor if his magazine would like to publish my review/commentary of the event.

It hasn’t been two weeks yet and I’m getting impatient or obsessive. Every five to ten minutes (okay, maybe it’s not that bad) I catch myself clicking the “mail” tab on my Hotmail account hoping to see something beside a “JC Penny Winter White Sale” web banner and a “Meet Sexy People on” web ad.

I don’t think it will hurt possible freelance efforts if I post some of my notes from the “World’s Fastest Readings.” Here ya go:

– Malaprop’s cafe very full, people standing outside café area
– sitting mid-section near condiments counter
– Malaprop’s staff member reads last lines of each writer’s book as a tribute
– Pete Turchi – dark blazer, red button down shirt, glasses, salt and pepper goatee
– 20 writers reading for two minutes from their work
– Rick Barot began with his poem “study”
– Kevin McIlvoy read “the complete history of new mexico”
– Steve Orlen reads his poem “blind date”

2 thoughts on “Notes from “World’s Fastest Readings”

  1. * thank you for your hors d’oerve. by the way, if you want a gmail account invite where you don’t get those awful picture ads, i can email you one. i hope you get to go to warren wilson for me.

  2. Thanks, Jane for the Gmail recommendation. Unfortunately, my browser is incompatible with Gmail. I need to upgrade my system software in order to try Gmail.

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