Free e-book. New e-book. Book Fair.

When it comes to promoting my own work, I am extremely self-consciousness. However, here are three announcements that may interest you.

Announcement 1

For a limited time this week and weekend, When the Lights Go Out [Kindle Edition]! is a available as a FREE download. Of course, you may listen to the audio version by visiting the Podcast page, but the e-book version has a bonus chapter not available on that episode of the podcast.

Announcement 2

I am excited to announce the release of  The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing [Kindle Edition]!

This e-book collects four stories from a Coffeehouse Junkie audio podcast plus an additional chapter. The Vanishing Art of Letter Writing includes a story that asks the question: When was the last time your wrote a letter? Not an email, but a handwritten letter with pen, paper, envelope and postage. Also, learn about a legacy of letters from a WWII soldier discovered by his son.

Here is the list of stories:

  1. Afternoon poetry and jazz
  2. The vanishing art of letter writing
  3. The letter
  4. Writing with pen and paper
  5. Plus a bonus chapter (not included in the audio version)!

Listen to the audio:

Announcement 3

If rumors are true, I am one of the featured writers at the Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair. Print copies of each title will be available — plus a tenth anniversary edition of my poetry chapbook.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 20, 2014. For more details visit the Facebook events page: Racine & Kenosha Authors Book Fair.

And thank you for your support!

4 thoughts on “Free e-book. New e-book. Book Fair.

      • Hah! I completely know what you mean, Alli.

        And congratulations on your book deal! I read that news on your blog. That is so exciting!

    • Thanks Alli!

      The art of letter writing is something I have explored for the last couple years. When I worked for a book publishing house I designed a book that captured a story of a son who had discovered his father’s letters during the war.

      I have hand written notes and letters to people — mostly family — for years. It is interesting to note that the number of people who respond in kind — i.e. written letter — has diminished notably. Most who receive these letters reply in an email or on Facebook.

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