[Podcast] Advent Poems – special edition – 3


Welcome to the third episode of the Advent series audio podcast.

In 2012, I composed a list of Advent poems. It is now one of the most visited Coffeehouse Junkie blog post.

This episode features “The House of Christmas” by GK Chesterton, “The God We Hardly Knew” by Óscar Romero and a selection from the Book of Common Prayer.

FolkAngel_GladTidingsAlso, special thanks to Folk Angel for permission to use “O Little Town Of Bethlehem” from their album Glad Tidings – Christmas Songs, Vol. 4. If you are looking for some great Christmas records, check out their website, FolkAngle.com. They are a Texas band that performs rearrangements of  traditional Christmas songs. And I just found out that their latest album drops today! Right now they are offering a sale on the first five albums (42 songs) for $10 (details here).

Happy holidays from the Coffee Den!

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