Things you will not find in an e-book

Things you will not find in an e-book

People buy bookcovers, not books

From Brand Autopsy:

“Borders recently tested a front-facing display strategy where more books were stocked with their covers, not spines, facing customers. Sales increased by 9.0%. The strategy was so successful, all Borders bookstores will be switching to the front-facing strategy in the next couple of weeks.” Link

From Rands in Repose:

“Anyone who has ever been in a bookstore knows that you’re not browsing books; you’re browsing covers.” (via Brocatus Link) Link

Silly me. I thought people bought books because of the words contained inside the covers.

How to write a marketing poem

Step One:
Read anything and everything Seth Godin writes.

From Seth Godin:

used bookstores hate Amazon
And so do independent bookstores


Who vs. how many.


More marketing links than you can read…


Step Two:
Write a 31-syllable waka.
Step Three:
Publish the waka on your own blog, because no prestigious literary journal would waste the time to print it.

Used bookstore owners
hate Amazon. But why? The
staff and owners of
used bookstores know the hands and
faces of bibliophiles.